Bahçe ve bahçıvanlık üzerine en iyi yabancı 10 blog .

23 Şub
  1. Gardening Gone Wild

    Gardening Gone WildThis is a collaboration of four gardeners with guest posts. Good blog to visit for garden design ideas for various areas of the country.

  2. Mr. Brown Thumb

    Mr Brown ThumbThis is a how-to blog with good photos to illustrate the ideas. The casual language and sometimes self-deprecating humor make the posts enjoyable as well as informative. Mr. Brown Thumb hosts a #seedchat on Twitter if you want to talk seeds with other gardeners. Check it out on Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST.

  3. Central Florida Garden

    This blogger writes from DeLand, Florida, which is about 45 minutes northeast of Orlando. Michael’s garden is in zone 9, a transitional zone for tropicals and temperate growing conditions. It’s a great site to visit if you live in a cold climate and want to experience vegetable gardening in winter.

  4. The Yarden

    On a recent trip to Chicago, I met the writer of The Yarden at The Peterson Garden Project community garden. It is the site of an original WWII Victory Garden. The Yarden blog is a must read for anyone interested in growing their own fruits, herbs and vegetables either in a community garden or at home. Good bits of garden history too.

  5. The Casual Gardener

    This is a great blog for learning about mixing ornamental and edible plants. Shawna writes from her own front-yard vegetable garden in Illinois. In addition to gardening she posts recipes and tips on saving money by living green.

  6. Seasonal Wisdom

    A good all-purpose blog with a leaning toward edibles. She co-hosts a podcast on aHa! Garden and Home called Nest in Style. Teresa gardens in Idaho.

  7. Farmgirl Fare

    This farm girl writes her blog from a 240-acre farm in Missouri. The blog is a mix of gardening, recipes and animal talk. It’s totally worth checking out for the daily “dose of cute” photos from the farm.

  8. Life on the Balcony

    With a name like Fern you just have to be into gardening. This is the go-to blog if you only have a small space to work with. Fern writes about gardening on her balcony in Los Angeles. Lots of good info on container gardening, space-saving measures and raised beds.

  9. Good Enough Gardening

    This blog is actually a podcast hosted by the author of Grocery Gardening and the author of the Horticulture magazine blog, Kiss My Aster. Jean Ann and Amanda have taken me on as their “Junior Correspondent,” and I occasionally have a guest spot on their podcast. It’s a lot of fun, with some off-color language and good gardening information.

  10. BG Garden Blog

    Bren writes from her Midwestern country garden in zone 5b. She posts a good mix of garden and cooking articles. Bren also hosts #gardenchat on Twitter every Monday night at 9 pm EST.

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